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Outdoor Pursuits :: Swing Along

Everybody loves this backyard classic. Before you hang a tire swing in your backyard, read these important installation tips to keep kids safe while they play.

* Use an old tire, if possible, because worn rubber won't scratch or cut kids' arms and legs.

* Wash it! Use a power sprayer or scrub it by hand, inside and out. Then, drill holes in the bottom of the tire to allow rainwater to drain.

* Select a strong hardwood tree with a straight, "L"-shaped branch, and be sure to hang your swing over a soft patch of ground.

* Cover tree roots around the trunk with mulch or wood chips. This will protect the tree and cushion falls.

* Use nylon or Dacron rope to hang the tire. Measure the rope, then add an additional 10 feet. (You'll need extra for the knots.)

* Double-knot the rope around both the branch and the tire using a common square knot.

* Slip a piece of rubber hose between the rope and the tree limb. This will protect the rope from wearing thin as it rubs against the tree.

* Test the strength of the knots and tree branch with your weight before you allow kids to play on the tire swing.
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